Forget Never

Forget Never

Monday, 30 June 2014

37 Day Countdown to War - Day 3

June 30th 1914 - Day 3. Martial law has been declared in Sarajevo, and Croats and Muslims are reported to be turning on Serbs in the city – houses, shops, hotels and a school have been attacked and in some cases demolished

The Daily Telegraph prints a first picture of the new heir to the throne and his young family. Karl Franz (1887-1922) would become the last emperor of Austria and king of Hungary on his succession in 1916

Meanwhile, the Kaiser has sent a telegram to Franz Ferdinand's daughter Princess Sophia, expressing his 'immeasurable grief' at her parents' death

At the German naval base of Kiel it was the last day of the Royal Navy’s visit.
Over the last few days German and British navies had carried out joint manoeuvres. The German Kaiser, Wilhelm II, a cousin of the British King, George V, was proud to be an admiral of the British fleet. Although there were some suspicions between the two nations they parted ways on good terms.
The German Imperial Navy at Kiel 1914
Meanwhile in Britain, Wimbledon was on. It was the last championship before a four year hiatus due to World War 1. Norman Brookes would go on to win the men's singles title, beating fellow Australian Anthony Wilding 6-4, 6-4, 7-5. 
Henley starts tomorrow and London is experiencing a heatwave to compare with the summer of 1911!

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